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Inventors' Links - Services/Support for Inventors:


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  • Bang Creations - product design company (Surrey based). Website:

  • BBC Small Business site - help with small businesses. Website:

  • BBC Technology News - latest news on technology. Website:

  • Better Business - help, advice and magazine for small businesses. Website:

  • Bloodhound SSC - 1000mph car development & world land speed record attempt (sponsored by WRTI). Website:

  • Board game inventors guide - practical hints and tips for board game inventors/developers. Website:

  • BRIFFA - intellectual property and information technology lawyers. Website:

  • British Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAWE) - organisation for UK based women business owners. Website:

  • British Business Angels Association (BBAA) - trade association for UK Business Angel Networks. Website:

  • British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) - Chambers of Commerce website and business guides. Website:

  • British Franchise Association (BFA) - information on franchising. Website:

  • British Invention Show - the UK's largest innovation expo. Website:

  • British Library - helping exploit the world's greatest patent resources. Website:

  • British Library Business & IP Centre - inspiration and support for entrepreneurs and SMEs to develop their business. Website:

  • British Venture Capital Association - private equity and venture capital for entrepreneurs. Website:

  • BTG - commercialising new technologies through investing and licensing. Website:

  • 'Building a viable Innovation Business' - free ebook from Causeway Venturing on commercialising innovation. Website:

  • Business Across Borders - business-to-business network for SMEs, innovation hubs, trade associations, multinationals, etc.. Website:

  • Business Boffins - support and mentoring service for small companies. Website:

  • Business Gateway - UK online guide to exploiting your ideas, starting and running a business. Website:

  • Business Link - the UK's former national business advice service. Website:

  • Business Network Online - connecting to leads, contacts and opportunities through a trusted network of members across the UK. Website:

  • Business Startup - series of free shows covering all aspects of starting up a business. Website:

  • bytestart - free resource for entrepreneurs (UK based). Website:



  • Cafe Scientific - scientific networking and discussion group meeting at local centres around the UK. Website:

  • Cambridge Hi-Tech Association of Small Enterprises (CHASE) - networking group for entrepreneurs and people interested in business and hi-tech. Website:

  • Caparo Innovation Centre - Wolverhampton University team helping inventors get ideas to market, with no cash charge. Website:

  • Carbonate - taking ideas to market, specialising in consumer sport & fitness, apparel, food & beverage, industrial products and telecommunications. Website:

  • Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) - MOD site for disruptive technology, new process or innovation with potential defence applications. Website:

  • Centre for Enterprise Research and Innovation (CERI) - consultancy and support service provided by the University of Portsmouth

  • Centripeta - health care innovation company. Website:

  • Chartered Institute of Patent Agents - professional body for UK patent attorneys. Website:

  • Cheshire Innovation - practical advice by/for inventors. Website:

  • China 2 West Services - design, production, quality control, inspection, testing and logistics service for companies seeking goods from China. Website:

  • CommercialiSE - linking university knowledge with business expertise in the South East providing support and funding. Website:

  • Companies House - online database of all registered UK company names. Website:

  • Concepts to Reality - mechanical design and prototyping service (Hampshire based). Website:

  • Connect Buzz - online business networking site. Website:

  • Contract Store - UK business legal document templates, some free of charge, eg 'preparing a business plan'. Website:

  • Copyscape - free online service to find duplicate or stolen copies of your website content. Website:

  • CREAX - systematic innovation methodology. Website:



  • DCX World - service bringing together private investors and businesses looking for early stage investment. Website:

  • Delphion - US patent search engine (free registration required). Website:

  • Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS) - helping British industry increase productivity and develop world-class competitiveness. Website:

  • Design Council - inspiring and enabling the best use of design by the UK. Website:

  • Design Directory - online directory of design consultants. Website:

  • Dragons Den - BBC television program matching inventors/entrepreneurs with investors. Website:

  • DTI's Innovation Guide - practiacal guide on successfully deploying innovation in business. Website:

  • DTI's Innovation Report - showing how innovation is a driving force. Website:



  • East Midlands Innovation - innovation support and information for the East Midlands region. Website:

  • ECSITE-UK - UK science centre and discovery centre network. Website:

  • Efective Business Solutions - business coaching service (Southampton based). Website:

  • eMachineShop - design your own mechanical parts using free/simple to use CAD software and order parts online. Website:

  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) - UK agency funding research in engineering and the physical sciences. Website:

  • Engineering Council UK - promoting and regulating UK engineering professions (formerly the Council of Engineering Institutions). Website:

  • Enterprise Europe Network - information on EU legislation, help finding business partners/innovation networks and funding opportunities. Website:

  • Enterprise Europe Network - South West England - support service for businesses in the South West. Website:

  • Enterprise First - free independent advice and training for businesses and start-ups in Hampshire and Surrey. Website:

  • Enterprise Hub Network - networking forum for entrepreneurs and access to research, technology, innovation, business support, flexible workspace & early stage finance (around South East England). Website:

  • Enterprise Investment Scheme Association (EISA) - enterprise investment for small to medium sized companies. Website:

  • Enterprise Nation - help to start or grow your home business. Website:

  • Enterprise Quest - tips, ideas & know-how, for small businesses

  • EUREKA - European research initiative for industry and research institutions in the area of technological R&D

  • European Business & Innovation Center Network - support network for entrepreneurs and innovative SMEs

  • European Patent Office (espacenet) - Europe's network of patent databases

  • - consultancy specialising in helping obtain government grants



  • Finance South East - help for ambitious companies to grow through direct investment and associated support

  • First Steps for Inventors - essential steps in getting established (archive copy from Inventors Alliance of Canada)

  • Foresight - UK science-based futures expertise identifying potential opportunities from science & technology

  • freepatentsonline - free online US and European patent search and retreival

  • Fresh Business Thinking - online business resource for entrepreneurs

  • - online patent search and tracking service

  • 'From Invention to Innovation' inventors guide (US Dept of Energy)

  • From Patent to Profit - invention development guide (US site)



  • gateway2investment (g2i) - support service helping London based companies become investment ready and find investors

  • gencon - help using cutting edge communication technology, finding partners & funding

  • General Patent Corporation - a brief introduction to Intellectual Property (US site)

  • Gibson Index - database and newsletter for Britain's technology-based SME's

  • Global Ideas Bank - Global suggestion box for socially innovative non-technological ideas and projects

  • Global Inventions Ltd - global sales & marketing company specialising in 'high volume, low tech' types of innovative consumer products

  • Global Sources - online supplier directory and search engine

  • Global Women Innovators & Inventors Network (GWIIN) - promoting women inventors

  • GigaAlert - free service that runs custom searches and emails you when new results appear

  • GooglePatents - free patent database search

  • Grants & support for Inventors - information from Business Link

  • Grantnet - free-to-use computerised UK grants database

  • Greater London Enterprise (GLE) - business accommodation, support, funding and consultancy for the Greater London area

  • Green business. Autoenrolment Limited. Complete guide on how to make your business green.


  • Hampshire Chamber of Commerce - support, help and advice for businesses in Hampshire

  • Hampshire Economic Partnership - promotion and exploitation of Innovation & Enterprise activities supporting economic growth in Hampshire

  • Hantsweb for Business - Hampshire County Council's business advice & support site

  • Health Design & Technology Institute (HDTI) - Coventry University's support for the development of new and innovative community healthcare products

  • HLBBshaw - Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys offering free IP Clinics (Midlands & East Anglia)

  • i2r Medical - service supporting health care and medical innovations

  • iBusinessBuzz - advice for UK based businesses

  • i-connect-i - online matching service for inventors and investors

  • - online resource for inventors looking to license or sell their patents

  • Ideas 21 - online resource for inventors and innovators

  • Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) - UK agency for data protection and registering to keep personal data

  • Inkopo - specialists in early-stage, technology-based, enterprise development (Yorkshire based)

  • InnoCentive - online marketplace for solving technical challenges

  • Innova Design - specialist prototype and small batch machining service (Hampshire based)

  • Innovate Design - engineering product design service for inventors (London based)

  • Innovation Advisory Service South East - support service for innovative growth companies in the South East 

  • Innovation map - information about innovation and Knowledge Transfer activities, facilities and centres in South East England 

  • Innovation Showcase - innovation news, events & companies in the Thames Valley

  • Innovation Tools - useful resource site for innovators

  • InnovationXchange (IXC-UK) - commercially neutral, not-for-profit, global knowledge network, supporting innovative technology based businesses (West Midlands based)

  • Innovator's Counselling and Advisory Service for Scotland (ICASS) - advice and support for inventors in Scotland

  • Innoverce - innovation consultancy (Tyneside based)

  • Insolvency Helpline inventors guide (archive copy)

  • inspireme - free advice guides for starting and growing a business

  • Institute of International Licensing Practitioners - Association commercialising invention through technology transfer and licensing

  • Institute of Patentees and Inventors - advice on invention and innovation

  • Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys - register of UK trade mark attorneys

  • Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) - organisation for electronics, electrical, manufacturing and IT professionals

  • Intech - Hampshire's hands-on interactive science and technology centre

  • Intellect - trade body for the UK based information technology, telecommunications and electronics industry

  • Intellectual Property and Information Technology Update - comprehensive information on IP matters

  • Intellectual Property Digital Library - WIPO on-line intellectual property library

  • Intellectual Property - Layman's guide - introduction to Intellectual Property from ICASS

  • Intellectual Property Office - UK resource for Copyright, Designs, Patents and Trade Marks

  • International Federation of Inventors Associations - enhancing the status of inventors and co-operation between inventor associations

  • International Network for SMEs - association fostering cooperation in the fields of innovation and technology transfer to SMEs

  • Internet archive - use to find/retrieve defunct websites/pages

  • Introduction to Patents - in depth guide to all aspects of patenting (published by WIPO)

  • - European site and directory for inventors

  • - invention help resource (US site)

  • Inventique - Innovation Magazine (back issue archive)

  • InventNet - US inventors network

  • InventorEd - comprehensive online inventor resource and discussion forum (US site)

  • - help selecting appropriate/ avoiding inappropriate invention agencies

  • InventorResource - design, patent, legal, business plan & funding advice for inventors

  • Inventors clubs - UK Regional Clubs and International Associations for Inventors

  • Inventors Digest - US magazine and website for inventors

  • Inventors Guide (IDC) - free 10 page guide

  • Inventors Handbook (Lemelson - MIT) - essential online guide for inventors (US)

  • Inventors Handbook - essential online guide for UK inventors (archived copy from NESTA)

  • Inventors Info Point - introduction to patents, design registration, trade marks, copyright and invention promoters

  • Inventors-L - active online discussion forum for inventors (US site)

  • Inventors-UK - UK inventors directory

  • Invest in Southampton - online resource for businesses in the Southampton area

  • ip21 - Intellectual Property services (Norwich and London Based)

  • IP Exchange - online trading platform for selling and licensing Intellectual Property (IP)

  • IP for SMEs - WIPO's site and newsletter, covering all aspects of Intellectual Property for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

  • IP Group - technology transfer fund generating commercial value from the IP of partner UK universities

  • IP Healthcheck - free online tool from the UK Intellectual Property Office to identify the IP within a business and options for protecting it

  • IP Institute - UK not for profit group promoting the licensing of commercial ideas

  • IP Guide - comprehensive Intellectual Property guide (archive copy from IP Wales)

  • IP Menu - online Intellectual Property directory

  • ITE four crucial questions - Daily Mail/This is Money probe into the 'International Technology Exchange' (now defunct)



  • - comprehensive database for finding UK grants and loans

  • James Dyson / inventors guide - practical guidance for inventors (archive copy)

  • Japan Patent Office - English site for the Japan Patent Office

  • Just Imagine - company specialising in providing services to inventors (Hampshire based)



  • Ken Targett - Intellectual Property Service (Hampshire based)

  • Kingston Innovation Centre - support for inventors and entrepreneurs (Surrey based)

  • Knowledge Dock - Internet based support for technology entrepreneurs

  • Knowledge House - support service for inventors and entrepreneurs from the Universities of the North East of England

  • Knowledge Transfer Parnerships - helping businesses improve through better use of knowledge, technology and skills residing within the UK knowledge base

  • Know This. Principles of Marketing - free self tutorial (



  • Lawdit Solicitors - UK commercial & Intellectual Property legal services provider

  • Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) - global network of individuals and non-governmental organizations, committed to sustainable development

  • - UK site for anyone in the business of licensing

  • Locate in Kent - grants, advice and support for businesses locating/located in Kent

  • London 2012 - business opportunities for the London 2012 Olympics

  • London Innovation Network - support and information for businesses seeking funding, to expand into Europe or wishing to develop technology partnerships

  • - community website for innovation sharing and promotion



  • Macrothesaurus - directory of global inventors resources

  • Manufacturing Advisory Service - helping UK manufacturers with support and expertise

  • Marcaria - A Young Inventor's Guide to Trademarks and Patents. Website:

  • Marine South East - support site for the marine industry, facilitated by SEED

  • Mathew Link - product design service (Cheshire based)

  • Medical Research Council (MRC) - UK agency promoting research into medical and related science

  • Microfunding - matching service to bring inventors, experienced managers and angel investors together

  • Mission Possible - online business support for early stage and growing businesses

  • - distributor of gadgets and innovative products, some direct from the inventors

  • My Own Business - free online self training course for starting/growing a business



  • National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts (NESTA) - investing in outstanding ideas and the people who have them

  • National Federation of Enterprise Agencies - Enterprise Agency support for start-ups, micro businesses and the self-employed in Ensland

  • Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) - promoting research into the natural environment

  • National Renewable Energy Centre (narec) - support organisation and service for emerging energy sources

  • narec distributed energy - support organisation and service for renewable and low carbon systems 

  • New Scientist - science and technology website, links and archive

  • Next Step Associates - for TRIZ / Innovation services

  • NHS Innovations - medical innovations from within and/or for the UK National Health Service

  • Nine Sigma - online marketplace of technology needs listing open innovation request for proposals

  • Novarlis - consultancy specialising in technology transfer, business development, commercial management and intellectual property



  • OHIM - European Union agency responsible for registering trade marks and designs valid in all countries of the EU

  • Ownit - free advice on intellectual property, copyright, patents & licensing

  • Oxford Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation - focal point for entrepreneurship research, teaching and networking at Oxford University

  • Oxford Entrepreneurs - society providing inspiration, education, networking and the chance to learn the skills needed to succeed in business and start entrepreneurial ventures



  • Patent disputes - an example of a US patent dispute, look at this if you think you might be up to filing your own patent! (archive copy from the USPTO)

  • Patent FAQ - practical answers to many patent related questions (US site)

  • Patents and Prototypes - patent, prototype & market research services for UK inventors

  • Patent tutorial - online US patent guide & patent search tutorial

  • PDD - product innovation consultancy, spanning the consumer, medical, packaging, telecoms, commercial and industrial sectors

  • Pera - not for profit network/consultancy specialising in innovation and innovation grant funding

  • PlanetPatent - US patent search service

  • Portsmouth Technopole - serviced office space and support for technology based SMEs

  • Presentations guide - free guide to making a compelling business case of your invention (from 'Ask the Inventors')

  • PRIME business club - support group for the over 50s starting or running their own business

  • Product Resolutions - Product design consultancy (Norfolk based)

  • Project Management - free online project management book/course (HRA Consulting)

  • Prowess - network supporting women's business ownership

  • Purple Door - support service providing access to the expertise and facilities of the University of Portsmouth

  • Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH) - initiative to improve the economic performance of South Hampshire



  • Royal Academy of Engineering - bringing together UK engineers from all disciplines

  • Royal Institution - home of UK science research and communication for over 200 years

  • RT Coopers - Intellectual property law, commercial law, technology transfer, data protection, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology



  • Sales and Marketing Forums - free online sales and marketing resource

  • Scavenger - low cost guides to specific small businesses

  • Scenta - online gateway to the best in science, engineering and technology

  • SciDev Net - global news, views and information about science, technology & the developing world

  • Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) - science-driven UK organisation, enabling a broad range of scientists to do the highest quality research, tackling some of the most fundamental scientific questions

  • Science Media Centre - press office for science, promoting the scientific community to the news media

  • Scirus - the most comprehensive science-specific search engine on the Internet

  • Second Mile - specialising in bringing commercial leadership to new technology ventures.

  • Senical - specialising in invention and innovation, from ideas through to commercialisation.

  • SETsquared - supporting knowledge-based entrepreneurs in Southern England

  • Shell Springboard - UK competition for new solutions to greenhouse gas reduction

  • She's Ingenious! - helping women develop and profit from new ideas

  • Small Business Resource Guide - useful articles on start up plans, business plans, marketing plans, finance, etc. (US site)

  • Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions - organisation for eco-friendly inventors, innovators and ecopreneurs

  • Solent Enterprise Hub - networking forum for entrepreneurs and access to research, technology, innovation, business support, flexible workspace & early stage finance

  • Solent Synergy - support service for knowledge based businesses in South Hampshire

  • South East Business Innovation and Growth - support service for innovative and fast growth businesses in the South East

  • South East Business Portal - tendering opportunities across the local councils and fire & rescue services of the South East

  • South East Growth Fund (SEGF) - Venture Capital fund investing in SMEs in South East England

  • Southern Area European Information Centre - help selling a product or service in Europe and finding European partners, agents and representatives

  • Southern Entrepreneurs - free training, support and advice for micro businesses and sole traders in Hampshire

  • South West Angel and Investor Network (SWAIN) - business angel network covering South West England

  • Spark invention competition.  Design Council. Competition for early stage invention ideas, with support for business planning and prizes for finalists.

  • Stanford University 'Educators Corner' - free online self-education resources for entrepreneurs

  • Start Up Community - help and advice network for business start-ups

  • - help and advice for starting and developing a business

  • Start Your Own Business - free local guide for small business owners and business start ups in Southern England

  • SumoBrain - free patent search site (UK, European, US & PCT)

  • - online resource for accessing lower-value government / public sector contracts

  • Sussex Innovation Centre (SInC) - business incubator for technology and knowledge based companies in Sussex

  • Sycamore Innovation Management - service for UK inventors/innovators (Cornwall based)



  • TechEdito - free High Technology monthly newsletter and archive

  • Technical Innovation Center ( - information on TRIZ and publisher of TRIZ books

  • Technology Strategy Board - UK Government funded programme for collaborative Research and Development

  • Tech Review - technology information website and newsletter

  • Ten steps to a successful invention - essential steps in progressing any invention (archived copy from Kiwi Ingenuity)

  • Ten tips for inventors - essential tips for inventors from Cheshire Innovation

  • Thames Innovation Centre - serviced office space and support for technology based SMEs

  • Thames Valley Technology - meeting the demands of technology companies in the Thames Valley

  • The Chamber Awards - annual awards for business and innovation organised by the UK Chambers of Commerce

  • The Entrepreneur Network - comprehensive information source for inventors and entrepreneurs (US site)

  • The Ideas Factory - Angel Investor Network & business information resource

  • The Royal Society - independent UK scientific academy promoting excellence in science

  • The Science Lab - science and technology related website directory

  • TJD Patent Services - Patent advice, drafting, prosecution and IP strategy advice

  • TomsLaw - free legal documents for SMEs (archive copies)

  • Totally absurd patents - an amusing selection of some of the daftest patents ever filed

  • TrademarkEagle - trademark search and application service

  • Trevor Baylis Brands - helping UK inventors get their ideas to market

  • TRIZ Journal - online free monthly journal & archive for TRIZ methods of creativity & innovation

  • Two Little Ducks - support service for UK inventors



  • - free website domain and trademark usage/availability checker

  • UK Business Incubation - providing information on UK business incubation

  • UK Patent Office - UK Intellectual Property (Copyright, Designs, Patents and Trade Marks)

  • United Innovation Association UK - online resource for UK inventors and innovators

  • UK Trade & Investment - UK Government resource for exporters

  • US Patent Office - US Patent and Trademark Office

  • US patent search guide - free guide to online US patent searching (from 'Ask the Inventors')



  • Venturefest - annual competition and get-together in Oxford for entrepreneurs, business people and investors

  • Venture Navigator - self help site for entrepreneurs

  • Vert Business Community - training and support service for small and medium businesses



  • Wherritt - consultancy service focusing on electronic product realisation

  • Why Not open source movement - how to use everyday ingenuity to solve problems big and small

  • WIPO GOLD - free one stop gateway to WIPO's collections of searchable IP data

  • Wired Wessex - online network for new media and technology professionals

  • Working Model - prototyping service for inventors

  • Women's Engineering Society (WES) - promoting the education, training and practice of engineering among UK women

  • World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) - harmonising national intellectual property legislation and procedures

  • World Technology Network - site for people working in world changing technologies

  • Worldwide Intellectual Property Services (WIPS) - online worldwide patent search service (fee based)

  • WRTI - entrepreneurs and inventors website



  • - online database to find or market a technology back to top










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