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This magnetic scale inhibitor prevents the build-up of dead yeasts, sugars and debris inside beer lines. The powerful magnetic field keeps these substances in suspension, enabling the interval between line cleans to be extended.

Inventor: Brian Pascall,

WRTI Members inventions



Microwave Powered UV Sanitisation 

UV at certain wavelengths kills viruses and bacteria (influenza, MRSA, TB etc). Energising UV sources with microwaves offers efficiency, simplicity and economy, and is both chemical and residue free. JenAct Limited are specialists in microwave-powered UV sanitisation technology, from wall mounted sanitisers to patented UV systems for HVAC. It can be used for applications in water, air and for surfaces and can significantly reduce airborne pathogens in food outlets, hospitals, offices, surgeries etc. Patents granted, technology available for licence.

Inventor: Richard Little, 


Microwave Powered UV Lamps

Normal UV bulbs use filaments or electrodes and this limits their lifetimes and operating parameters. Microwave powered UV bulbs are electrodeless and do not degrade with age. They can be started, stopped and restarted instantly and even pulsed. Germicidal applications include disinfection of packaging, drinking water, laboratory items and air in air ducts.

Inventor: Richard Little, 


The SafeTcone system provides a fast, efficient and safer method for the placing and retrieval of road cones. Labour, insurance/claims and related costs reduced. Cone handling time reduced. Operatives' exposure to fast moving traffic when placing/collecting cones eliminated. Overall winner of the 2004 British Invention Show.

Inventor: Brian Flynn,

Desktop Mobile


The Desktop Mobile cuts the cost of calls from landline phones to mobiles by more than 50%. In locations without landlines it provides telephony, SMS text, Internet access, email, PC fax and remote monitoring and control of attached equipment. The Desktop Mobile is in production and is in use in many countries around the world.

Inventor: David Robson,

Burnside Telecom



PillPress is designed to help remove pills and tablets from foil blister packaging.

Inventor: Brian Stickley, 



LifeLock was developed by a team of security experts, led by Joe Silver – a pioneer of the UK safes and security industry who has invented and patented many security-related products and who established both Lockmasters – the successful security company and Lockmasters Mobile – the mobile security franchise network.

For detailed information on how LifeLock works please view our  How Does It Work?   page where you will even find a video!  A former member of the Master Locksmiths Association, Joe is a member of the Association of Police and Public Security Suppliers and the Wessex Round Table of Inventors.


 When pushing a pushchair in bad weather, hands get chapped and painfully cold, however gloves are too much hassle when constantly tending to the needs of a small child. The 'Cozypocket' consists of a weather proof outer-fabric with a snug fleecy lining and comes in a bag for neat storage. It attaches to the handle(s) of a pushchair and provides easy access to comfort, warmth and protection for your hands. It is quick to attach and remove with Velcro fastenings and remains on the pushchair when folded. Inventor: Abi Bowman.

Grass Snake Cable Grip


The Grass Snake Cable Grip acts as a safe and simple hands-free cable tidy for corded electric lawn mowers, grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, lawn vacuums, chainsaws, etc. When clipped onto a machine's power cable and attached to end-users' gardening slacks, it retains and isolates the cable away from cutting edges and entanglements, leaving both hands free to operate the equipment safely and conveniently. Prizewinner at 'Innovention 2006'.
 Inventor: Frank Landamore.




The Snotblot is an easy and hygienic way to stop runny noses from becoming a messy issue. For both adult and child it can store numerous tissues within handy reach and is in tandem with the NHS slogan Catch It, Bin It, Kill It.
 Inventor: Anne Canavan,



Talking Labels


The Talking Label range has been designed to help the visually-impaired identify similarly-shaped household items (tinned foods, bottles, medicines etc), via a re-recordable voice message. One product in the range comprises a magnetic cap which sits on top of any steel can. The cap allows the user to record a short voice message identifying the can's contents. This can then be played back at any time at the touch of a button. Inventor: Brian Stickley, Website



The Milli-grip an adjustable meteric spanner that won't slip. A set of open-ended metric spanners in one precision tool.


Fully patented, the product has been received extremely well, winning gold medals two years in succession at the British Invention Show, for both product design and innovation.


Inventor - Ian Harrison.




FenceFins provide an alternative method of installing timber fence posts. They use no concrete and because they are not hammered into the ground they are easy to install accurately and upright. Based on the principle of having a large area to push against the soil they are strong and efficient. SteadyPost won the 2014 Garden Industries Innovation Award for FenceFins

Inventor:  John Gibbs


Flood Bag for Vehicles and Household Items


This invention is designed to protect vehicles and property from the effects of flooding. It consists of a waterproof bag with the necessary sides and supporting structures, able to be stored as a flat pack item and easy to erect quickly when necessary. The concept has been developed with support from Portsmouth University.

Inventor: David Sykes




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